Management Team

 Our investment process has been developed and proven over different market environments. The Grander Investment Team employs a rigorous disciplined investment thesis relying on our 100 years of combined banking and investment management experience. Grander’s investment strategy is managed by a dedicated and seasoned team focused on Mortgage Servicing Rights within the residential sector.

Investment decisions are driven by our comprehensive research and our proprietary portfolio due diligence process. We pursue unique sourcing of MSR’s to deliver investment opportunities to our clients that are not readily available in the broader market. Through our regimented risk management practice, we seek to generate compelling risk adjusted returns. 

Executive Management

Robert W.

Robert J. Williams, CFA

Curtis W.

Curtis Whitaker

Grander Investment Management “GIM”

Peter F.

Peter Freilinger, CFA

Jack G.

Jack Getzelman

Richard K.

Richard H. Kim

Eddy K.

Eddy Kup

Tom M.

Thomas R. Mykityshyn

Howard N.

Howard Nathan

Grander Mortgage Capital “GMC”

Peter F.

Peter Freilinger, CFA

James Guerin

Dave H.

David A. Hass

Erica L.

Erica Liu

David Sanders

Rafael U.

Ralph Uribarre